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Traineeship Programmes


Traineeship programmes are well supported by our staff and can be used as a taster into different areas of IT, or as a stepping stone onto further learning. Some people like to use the traineeship programme as a type of pre-apprenticeship. During the traineeship programmes our priority is to not only develop your IT skills, but your employability skills too. The better your employability skills, the more likely you are to progress, and when you progress, you are winning at life! We offer two levels of Traineeship programmes here at Swansea ITeC - Enagagement, and Level 1. 

Traineeship Engagement

Choose this if: You are not quite sure which area of IT you want to go into, need some support to help get into employment or further learning.

Lots of people start here! During an engagement programme we will be working on your IT skills and having a little taster into the different areas of IT: office based, Internet, design and troubleshooting. We will also work with the group to develop employability skills including: personal skills (attendance/time-keeping, teamwork, confidence, persistence, decision making), literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. We talk to lots of employers and ask them exactly what skills they want their staff to have. From this we compile a list and build our programmes around this. There is an opportunity to work towards a qualification in Employability and Personal Development on this programme, as well as the chance to gain some work experience! 

You will attend here three days a week for the first four weeks, then four days a week. You will earn £30 a week for full attendance. You could also claim towards travel over £5.

Traineeship Level 1

Choose this if: You have a strong idea what area of IT you would like to work in and are ready to start working towards achieving you goals.

Progressing from the Engagement programme, the Level 1 Traineeship includes everything in the prior programme (as above) with the addition of working towards an IT qualification. This could be in Creative iMedia, IT Application Specialist, or if you have a work placement, IT Practitioner. There is still a strong focus on personal development within this programme and more responsibility will be given to you with regards to time and project management.

You will attend the course (here, at a workplace, or a combination of the two) five days a week. You will earn £50 a week for full time attendance. You could also claim towards travel over £5.


Mae’r  iaith Gymraeg yn fyw ac yn iach ar y we ac yn y byd TGCh!  Os oes sgiliau Cymraeg gyda ti, beth am wneud rhan o dy Brentisiaeth neu Hyfforddeiaeth drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg?


I came to ITeC straight out of school as an alternative to the unappealing option of higher academic learning. I was desperate for an entryway to the workplace, eager to start my career and looking for a way to get practical experience as my empty CV wasn't impressing any employeers. ITeC offered me the support and direction I needed and enabled me to continue to progress, each mentor providing invaluable guidance when I needed it. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to start my career without them, and would strongly recommend anybody looking for a foothold into employment to join them. My huge thanks to everyone at ITeC for all the help they have given me.
– Matt G


Swansea ITeC helped me develop my IT skills as well as my soft skills such as confidence and maturity which prepare me for working life. On the Traineeship programme I started work experience at SA Flyers and then went on to an apprenticeship with them too. Swansea ITeC and SA Flyers helped me get to where I am now.
– Tom Clancy


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Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. 
With the support of EU funds, we have been able to help more people gain qualifications.