Are you looking to recruit a new apprentice? We can help you!
Improve staff productivity with bespoke training to upskill your staff

We can help you develop and grow your business.

Whether you are looking to upskill staff through an apprenticeship programme or through bespoke training, or if you're looking to recruit a new apprentice, we can help you! 

We work with a wide range of employers of different sizes, sectors and industries. We don't just work with IT companies, but we do specialise in IT apprenticeships and bespoke training!

We are a small, friendly company who bend over backwards, sometimes physically, to help develop your business.


Employers we have worked or are currently working with include: NHS, DVLA, Admiral, NPTC Group,, MacMillan Distrabution MDL, AB Glass, SA Flyers, Ospreys Rugby, SwanCD, PhoneLine, Quicklink, Thomas Designs, local solicitors and schools.




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Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. 
With the support of EU funds, we have been able to help more people gain qualifications.