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"Aren't they only for hairdressers and plumbers?" "Why apply for an apprenticeship?" "What even is an apprenticeship?" 

We hear this a lot. Here we are going put it in black and white ... or, teal and white actually.

Firstly - no, they are not only for hairdressers and plumbers, but apprenticeships are offered in these areas too (not by us FYI). And why are apprenticeships usually associated with trades? It's because these skills, as with most skills, are learnt more effectively in practise rather than from a book. Sure, we could all read about how to network a system, but could we really then physically put one together with the right amount of security, access, and uptime? Probably not.

Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn the theory behind a topic by specialists in that area, then offer the opportunity to put these skills into practise on the job in employment. As your knowledge increases, so will your confidence in the workplace, soon you will be running the place - maybe.

Why should you apply for an apprenticeship?

Why wouldn't you apply for an apprenticeship? Let's look at some typical problems someone wanting a new job can come across:

Problem 1: "I don't have the experience."

Maybe it is your first job after school, or maybe you have changed career direction. We have all heard about that dilemma when you apply for a new job where you need experience to be successful. How are you supposed to have experience if nobody will give you a job so you can gain the experience? It’s a never ending cycle.

Problem 2: “I don’t know enough about the subject.”

So you want a job, but school didn’t teach you enough in a particular area that you need. And of course, you need to know everything about the job before you start working there. Here’s a secret: No, you don’t! People learn on the job all the time, however having knowledge helps understand and learn more quickly. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn these skills alongside putting them into practise?

Problem 3: “I didn't go to college."

That's OK! You don't always need a qualification to gain an apprenticeship. Some apprentices start an apprenticeship straight from school, then decide to progress through the levels. Some progress on to university or further learning. Some apprentices have gone to college, university, been employed, then decided to change career path so got an apprenticeship. 

"So what exactly is an apprenticeship?"

An apprenticeship is an employed position alongside working towards a nationally recognised industry specific qualification. This means you can #earnwhileyoulearn. Typically, you have training sessions which will give you the underpinning knowledge to be competent in tasks you undertake in the workplace. You can have an apprenticeship in almost anything! Here at Swansea ITeC we specialise in IT apprenticeships which cover a wide variety of topics; from IT telecoms, business administration and even social media and digital marketing. We offer apprenticeships in Level 2, 3, and 4 - but not in everything, so it’s best to get in touch to have a chat.

"How do I get an apprenticeship with Swansea ITeC?"

Just like any job you need to apply. You can see our vacancies on our Facebook page or on the Careers Wales website, you will also need to apply on the Careers Wales Apprenticeship Matching Service. Once you have applied you will go through some filtering processes and employer interviews to see if you are right for the job. But don’t worry, first you will have a chat with us to see if the job is right for you. Alternatively, if you know a company interested in having an apprentice, send them to our employer page or ask them to get in touch for more information on how we can make this happen.

"I'm not really sure if IT is for me."

You may be eligible for a Traineeship programme, click here for more details.

Swansea ITeC are part of a wider consortium called Skills Academy Wales and is made up of 8 providers across South Wales who offer a wide variety of sectors. If IT isn’t for you, maybe one of our partners offers something more suitable. Contact Skills Academy Wales for more information. Skills Academy Wales are "the highest performing apprenticeship provider in Wales" so join us, and prepare for success. 


Mae’r  iaith Gymraeg yn fyw ac yn iach ar y we ac yn y byd TGCh!  Os oes sgiliau Cymraeg gyda ti, beth am wneud rhan o dy Brentisiaeth neu Hyfforddeiaeth drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg?


Swansea ITeC helped me to gain experience and training needed to develop my career with SA Flyers. I started doing IT User Modern Apprenticeship level 2 with ITeC. Since then I have completed a level 3 and level 4 in Business Administration with different providers. Four years on I am still with SA Flyers and use Swansea ITeC to provide us with staff.
– Fern Church, SA Flyers

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Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. 
With the support of EU funds, we have been able to help more people gain qualifications.