ITQ for Users


The ITQ is a ‘points’ based qualification. You can select from various modules, each of which is assigned a points value.

Some units are compulsory, the others can be chosen to suit your own job role/learning programme.

If you are working towards the Level 1 ITQ Certificate qualification as part of Steps to Employment or Traineeship programmes, you will complete the following units:

  • 101 Improving Productivity Using IT (Mandatory)
  • 105 IT Security for Users
  • 107 Using the Internet
  • 109 Using Collaborative Technologies

And one application unit of your choice from the following:

  • 129 Word Processing Software
  • 125 Presentation Software
  • 122 Desktop Publishing Software
  • 128 Website Software

If you are an Apprentice the full list of units you can select from include:

  • Improving productivity using IT (Mandatory)
  • IT user fundamentals
  • Setting up an IT system
  • Optimise IT system performance
  • Security for IT users
  • IT communication fundamentals
  • Using the Internet
  • Using email
  • Using collaborative technologies
  • Using mobile IT devices
  • Personal information management software
  • IT software fundamentals
  • Audio software
  • Video software
  • Bespoke software
  • Specialist software
  • Computer accounting software
  • Data management software
  • Database software
  • Design software
  • Imaging software
  • Desktop publishing software
  • Drawing and planning software
  • Multimedia software
  • Presentation software
  • Project management software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Website software
  • Word processing software
  • Understand the potential of IT (Mandatory)
  • Developing personal and team effectiveness using IT (Mandatory)
  • Internet safety for IT user
  • Using a computer keyboard

Your assessor and work supervisor will help you to select a choice of units which meets the required number of points for your level.


Assessment is evidence based. You will develop a portfolio of material which demonstrates your skills in the various modules. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Assessor observation of your performing tasks
  • Witness statements from colleague and supervisors
  • Work evidence – real materials you have produced in your job
  • Written questions or reports
  • Recorded discussions or questions with your assessor
  • Accredited prior learning – e.g cross referencing your ECDL or other qualification against the equivalent NVQ unit

Typically you will be gathering evidence for more than one unit at once.

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