Basic Skills Qualifications


The Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy qualifications are designed to recognise the achievement of learners in obtaining “Functional Skills” in everyday literacy and numeracy.  They are especially valuable to learners who do not have GCSE / O-Level equivalents in English and Maths.

The table below shows the relationships between the curriculum levels.

Entry 1
Entry 2
Level 2
Level 3
Adult Basic Skills
Key Skills
A Level


Adult Literacy covers the ability to:

  • speak, listen and respond
  • read and comprehend
  • write to communicate

Adult Numeracy covers the ability to:

  • understand and use mathematical information
  • calculate and manipulate mathematical information
  • interpret results and communicate mathematical information

These skills will be developed both naturally through the normal work during your IT course, and during Basic Skills workshops to cover the most important topics.  Online resources will be used to developed skills and there will be plenty of opportunity to practise the assessment tasks.


At Entry 1-3 assessment is via a practical assignment.  There is no time limit and it is marked by ITeC staff.  The tasks will be based on a realistic scenario such as you might find in real life, and the topic will be chosen to suit you.

At Level 1 and 2 assessment is via a multiple choice exam taken on the computer.

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