Assessment Procedures

The following guidelines lay out what to expect from our formal assessments at Swansea ITeC

Day: Thursday. Assessments on Friday will normally only be available to off-the-job trainees and Skill Build Youth trainees.  Exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. Normally only towards the end of a course if it is felt a trainee is significantly behind in their progress.

Time: Trainees should be in the room at 1PM ready to start at 1:15. This allows time for logging on, setting up printers and handing out of papers.

Location: Normally Training Room 1 (TFT-Lab). Occasionally this may be unavailable and Training Room 2 (Netprep) Room will be used. As this room can only accommodate 6 PCs, this may lead to exams having to take place in two sessions. These will normally be 1PM and 2:15PM

Preparing for an assessment

Before entering yourself for an assessment you should:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the entire syllabus, not just the sample papers
  • If taking eQuals make sure that you have completed and handed in your Unit Record Sheet which can be found at the back of your unit syllabus.
  • Have had a practice paper marked and assessed as a solid pass by a trainer.
  • Make sure you can do the practice papers well within the time limit.

Entering for an assessment

The day before an assessment (normally Wednesday) a paper list will be circulated by the trainers. It is your responsibility to make sure your name goes on that list if you want to take an exam. Verbal requests of trainees will not be accepted, and no names will be accepted before the list is given out.

Telephone requests, if you are sick the day prior to the exam, will not normally be considered and you must be present for the full day to sit an exam in the afternoon.

Requests on the morning of the assessment will not be accepted for Thursday assessments.

In-House ECDL Learners are required to have been on the course for at least two weeks before entering for an assessment.

In-House eQuals Learners are required to have been on the course for at least four weeks before entering for an assessment.

Sitting an assessment

Please make sure you are in the training room promptly.

Make sure you know which version of Windows and Office you have been using and log in to the correct one.

Trainers will ask if everyone has a printer and knows where to find their files and save their work. If you don’t, please ask!

If you are struggling and think the problem might be with the computer, make sure you inform the invigilator immediately. If the problem is not with the computer but an error in your method, you will be advised to try again.


Marking will normally be within 5 working days and will normally be completed in advance of the next opportunity to sit an assessment.

e.g. if you sit an assessment on Thursday you can normally expect your result by Wednesday at the latest.

Assessments which fall on the “border” of the pass mark will need to be marked twice by separate trainers and make take longer as a result. You should normally continue to study the next unit while you wait.

Once assessments have been marked, the result and feedback on any questions you had wrong will be posted in the results section of this blog. A tutor will also discuss the results with you and you will be asked to sign the logbook to record the result.

Appeals and Complaints

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your assessment then please refer to the Relevant appeals procedure for your qualification:


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Helen Necrews
June 2011

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