Assessment Procedures

Just a quick reminder to all trainees of ITeC assessment procedure.

1. If there are exams scheduled and the door is shut – DO NOT PRINT TO THE TFT LAB PRINTER! – Mincing through the room while a candidate is concentrating on an exam can be very disruptive. If in doubt, don’t print, if you did print leave it until all exams are finished. If you did print then printed somewhere else, don’t forget to put the wrong one in the recycle bin after the exams have finished.

2. Exam candidates are to be in the room at 1PM for a 1:15PM start.

3. If the computer you are using becomes erratic / non responsive then please inform us immediately, especially if it is a recurring problem. We need to know, to fix it and note on your exam any problems or pause the time.

4. Mobile phones should be switched off during exams.

On a side note: All ITeC staff do their level best to keep things running smoothly during examinations. Computer Equipment – by it’s very nature – is temperamental. While we do our best to ensure there are no problems, occasionally, things go wrong. IF something goes wrong, YOU will not be penalised so do not worry that it will affect your exam. Even new equipment will exhibit strange behaviour at a random moment, doing something it has never done before, or will ever do again. It happens and we will do all we can to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

For further guidance see:

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